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Gordon Clark


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Your home isn't just a house. It's a landscape and the people and animals in it. You care about your family. So do we. That's why Clark Horticultural uses no toxic chemicals in our gardening methods. Your children, pets, and wildlife will flourish in your home's landscape with organic lawn and garden care.

three varieties of Hydrangea


The most beautiful forms are natural. The healthiest form of a plant is closest to its natural shape. Artificially sculpted landscapes can look neat and tidy, but also a little too cookie-cutter. At Clark Horticultural we perform aesthetically natural pruning for the best look and vitality of your plants and trees.


When do you prune? What fertilizer does this plant need? The myriad of seasonal needs for each species can be daunting to keep track of.

Clark Horticultural manages all of that for you. You're the owner. You should enjoy the investment you've made in your landscape. The joy of working in your garden shouldn't become a burden. Clark Horticultural manages that burden so you can work, play, and live in your garden.

Lobelia in a window box

We Offer:

  • Fine Gardening

  • Aesthetic Pruning

  • Garden and Lawn Care

  • Fruit Tree Pruning

  • Tree Services

  • Garden Renovations, Design and Installation

  • Planting, Transplanting, and Removals

  • Organic Pest and Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Personal Pruning Instruction

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