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Employee Professional Development

Paige was awarded a scholarship and attended the Women's Tree Climbing Workshop June 7-9 in Seattle, taught by female professionals and climbing competition champions. The workshop focused on climbing trees for arboricultural applications and pushed students boundaries to help advance their skill set to a higher level.

Climbers learned about rope construction, methods for installing lines in the tree, throwing and launching techniques, limb walking, controlled swings, safety practices, body care, industry standards, tree biology, moving rope systems and stationary rope systems, and much more.

The workshop acted as a networking platform where climbers could discuss and compare tree care practices and evolving technology in the industry. Paige walked away from the workshop with 30 new friends and colleagues, and countless new skills and ideas for working in the trees.

Nick completed an online soil science course this spring through Oregon State University. In this rigorous course, he learned how to determine a soil's texture, color, structure, porosity and other attributes. Furthermore, he learned how to synthesize and interpret these attributes to give a better understanding of issues the may result from soil conditions.

In October 2018, Nick was in Seattle attending a day long ISA workshop titled 'Common Fungi Affecting PNW Trees and Implications for Tree Risk Assessment’.

Also in October of last year Paige was in Vancouver, BC attending an Arboriculture Canada workshop titled ‘Tree Climbing, Fall Protection and Work Positioning’. In November, she attended a three day course titled "Production Tree Removal, and Rigging", also in Vancouver BC, offered by Arboriculture Canada.

Fruit Tree Pruning Presentation

On February 2nd, 2019, Gordon again presented a fruit tree pruning lecture and demonstration for the Olympic Orchard Society. The lecture took place at the Sequim Prairie Grange. The pruning demonstration was at a local home orchard. This event was free and open to the public.

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